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Gorgeous Assiniboine Park Wedding – Pam & Henry

We always look forward to photographing weddings at the Assiniboine Park – it’s one of our favourite parks in the city!

Pam & Henry’s wedding day started off with a rather less than to be desired forecast.  When we met up with Pam and her bridal party, the skies were growing darker by the minute.  The rain was eminent, and sure enough, when the sky was almost black, the clouds burst open.  But then something happened.  As the morning drew on, the skies started to lighten.  At 1pm we were all so very excited to be able to step outside the Inn at the Forks for Pam & Henry’s first look!

Our luck continued that day.  We travelled to the Red River College Exchange Campus for photos, and by the time we were done, the sun was starting to peak out from behind the clouds!  We took full advantage and made our way to the Steinkopf Gardens behind the Centennial Concert Hall!

The time then came to decide if they would go ahead with their dreams of an outdoor wedding at the Leo Mol Sculpture Gardens in the Assiniboine Park.  With a quick check to AccuWeather, it was decided – it was a go!  What a great decision that was!  Pam and Henry, along with their closets friends and family were able to celebrate their marriage under a canopy of greens, surrounded by amazing flowers, trees and sculptures.

Pam and Henry were so positive the entire day, and we knew that their dream wedding day was meant to be!  We even lucked out, and were able to head outside for a few nighttime photo.

Thank you both so very much for having us be a part of an incredible wedding day!  Congratulations!

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Special Thank You to the team of Wedding Vendors that helped make this day possible:

Wedding dress: designed by Mori Lee at L.A. Bridal Collection
Bridesmaid dresses: Hush
Hair: Michelle @ Salon Venator
Reception, catering, linen and lights: Qualico Family Centre
Wedding Cake: Jenna Rae Cakes
Wedding Macaroons: Macarons by Jen
Centrepieces: A Touch of Glass
Candles: Yummi Candles
Wedding Favours: Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey
Charivari Chairs: Accessible Elegance 

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